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wrestling_pics's Journal

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1) First and foremost, bashing the subjects of the photos posted is not tolerated. Afterall, this is a fan community. Do so, your post will be deleted and you will be banned. Same goes for comments.
2) Please make all posts friends locked.
3) This Community uses a tagging system. Please tag your posts and check the tags for correct ones to use.
4) No flaming or arguing with other members. This community is a DRAMA FREE ZONE!
5) When posting pictures, the LJ-cut is your best friend.
6) Give credit where credit is due, there are a ton of great photographers out there these days!
7) DO NOT PROMOTE YOUR COMMUNITY! Seriously, guys/gals. You have no idea how much that annoys me. That means no promos for graphics, rating, etc. If it's wrestling related, ask me. I may let you promote it.
8) Most important... have fun!
9) There is no hotlinking allowed, save the pics to your own computer and use your own photobucket to post else where

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